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Casette Tape bookmark

I’m old enough that seeing this causes immediate OH NO QUICK GET A PENCIL

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Tengbom architects design a smart student flat

Sweden did a thing.

literally this is all i ask for out of life. i don’t need more than this.

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A tough Wyoming cowboy who just happens to like blouses

Sissy Goodwin isn’t gay; he’s been married for 45 years and has two adult children. As a young man, he was a rodeo cowboy who rode bulls bareback, a free spirit who never shied away from a fistfight. The former aircraft mechanic loves to drink beer, play golf, throw steaks on the grill.

What sets him apart, he says, is what he calls gender independence: He just likes to do most things in a dress.

A resilient guy living it out in Wyoming, a state he refers to as “the Mississippi of the West” for its disposition toward him, Goodwin has been beaten, arrested and glared at for years - but he continues his defiant dressing habits to this day.

Read more from reporter John M. Glionna in a Column One feature.

Photos: Mel Melcon / Los Angeles Times

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Base para laptop hecha con una caja de pizza

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o_O For real?! That’s the way you do it here? :’(



¿Te crees buen guitarrista?

Baja tu autoestima con este vídeo fino fino…

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